Foundation Wrist Wraps

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Our foundation wrist wraps are designed for the ultimate in wrist protection during Olympic lifting, powerlifting, general weightlifting and crossfit sessions. Designed with durable 2.5mm cross knitted fabric, our wraps are designed to support you during every workout.

The elastic loop thumb makes them easy to use, and each pair is individually labelled right and left to save you doing the “wrist wrap shuffle”. The velcro fastening also makes it simple and easy to adjust quickly between sets.

Why and when to use Lift Life wrist wraps

Your wrist, which has 4 primary ligaments, 6 tendons and many small bones, is considered a vulnerable joint when it comes to lifting and working out. Unlike other major joints, the wrist is not supported by local muscles (such as the knee and quadriceps) and it instead relies upon the tendons and ligaments.

This is why additional wrist support is so important to help prevent common injuries.

While we recommend wearing wrist wraps during any heavy weight session or any workout where you’ll put stress on your wrists, the following are a few key movements that are extra important:

  • Olympic lifting, especially for cleans, front squats and overhead work.
  • Weight lifting, particularly pushing movements that load the wrist such as bench presses, shoulder presses and military presses.
  • Crossfit, especially for handstands, pushups and olympic lifting components.

Product Details:

  • 2.5mm high density cross knitted fabric
  • Double reinforcement seams for durability
  • Elastic thumb ring
  • Quick, easy and strong velcro fastening
  • Sold as a pair - Left and Right 
  • One size fits all - 50cm in length

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