There are numerous studies that prove the relationship between lifting weights, or fitness in general, and psychological health. Not that you need a study to tell you how good lifting and being active makes you feel.

So, understanding this natural link, LIFTLIFE is designed to mean something different, to different people and at different times depending on where they’re at mentally. It’s more than just a brand; it’s a notion that adapts.

On some days, LIFTLIFE is all about living the lifting life. The joy, the love, the fulfilment of lifting heavy and pursuit of physical strength and endurance.

On other days, it's about what lifting does to you at a non-physical level. When lifting becomes a cathartic process, helping to elevate your life or the lives of those around you to better mental and physiological states.

You’re either living the lifting life, or lifting your life through lifting.

That is LIFTLIFE - Lift to live, live to lift.


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