How To Keep Motivated For Your Next Workout Or Lifting Session

How To Keep Motivated For Your Next Workout Or Lifting Session

Maintaining workout motivation can be a rollercoaster of a journey. Some days, you feel like you can take on the world, and other days exercising can feel like a chore. It’s normal not to feel driven to get sweaty every day, but how do you motivate yourself to workout? 

12 Tips To Stay Motivated For Your Next Workout Or Lifting Session

We all like to believe we can stay motivated for each session we plan on heading into, but this isn’t typically the case. Whether it be too many drinks the night before, DOMS from your last resistance workout, or simply an increase in tiredness, feeling unmotivated is commonplace with exercise. But you’re in luck! We’ve put together a few simple workout motivation tips so you can get back on track and smash your fitness goals. 


1. Consistency Over Motivation

Motivation levels tend to vary from day to day, and this is why it can be so tricky to maintain workout motivation. Consistency, however, is built on the foundation of stability, and this is key to unlocking a new mindset to incorporate into your training. Relying on working out consistently in place of trusting your own motivation will help keep you on track and achieve your goals sooner.


2. Be Realistic

Whether you’re just getting started with your fitness journey or are a few more steps along, being realistic with your intentions is essential. Setting achievable milestones means you have something you can work towards and accomplish. Unattainable goals can do more harm than good, so be realistic and set short-term ones you can achieve and surpass during your sessions. 


3. Concentrate On Yourself 

We’ve all been there. It’s been a while since you last went to the gym and when you step through the doors, you’re not sure where to look or what piece of equipment to head towards. This is where you need to take a deep breath and remember exactly why you walked through the door in the first place. Concentrate on yourself, and try to take as little notice of those around you as possible. This is precious time for you to spend working on your goals, so make it count. 


4. Don’t Rely On Scales

Our body weight can change in a short space of time, but it’s not always due to an increase in fat, with the female menstrual cycle being a prime example of short-term weight gain. It’s more accurate to rely on body measurements and progress in workouts than the number on the scale. This will help keep you on track and feeling good about the direction you’re heading in with your training, lowering the focus on hitting a certain number.


5. Fuel Your Sessions Right

Training alongside a poor diet without adequate protein, fats, and carbs isn’t wise, and it might be delaying your progress. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with enough calories to sustain your lifting sessions and workouts is crucial for seeing progress with your body and heavy lifts. Hydration is also a key part of giving your body exactly what it needs to rest, recover, and heal after workouts, so keep fluid levels up.


6. Training With A Friend

Workout programs are in place to help you reach goals, but they can sometimes feel tedious, especially when motivation is lacking. Training with a friend can help increase the energy of the session, so you can achieve your goals with a smile on your face! Having a friend by your side is also wise if you’re attempting a push with heavier weights and feel more comfortable with someone spotting you. 


7. Make A Playlist

Exercising with your favourite tunes in your ears can help switch you into training mode, where you’re focused and motivated to workout. Listening to music is a great way of minimising external distractions, making it feel like it’s just you and the barbell in the room. Playing music before and during exercise helps increase motivation and effort throughout the session, potentially leading to heavier lifts, faster runs, and generally achieving more out of your training. 


8. Follow A Plan

Having a training plan or guide to follow when working out can be a game-changer. It’s easy to be distracted by all the equipment in a gym, or even by family when working out at home. Not only does following a program help you stay consistent with training, but it’s also a useful way of tracking progress. You can record how lifts are feeling and your trainer can adjust your program accordingly to help maximise performance and results.


9. Enjoy Your Environment

Sometimes low levels of workout motivation can be heavily influenced by the environment you’re training in. Home workouts may become more effective and enjoyable if they are performed in a clean, tidy space where you can move freely and comfortably. If the gym you’re currently training at doesn’t feel like a safe space where you can lose yourself in your session and reach your goals, explore other options in your area. You may be surprised how much of a difference a change of environment can make!


10. Find An Exercise You Like

There are so many different ways to workout, from resistance training and powerlifting to running and yoga, so find the one that works for you! Finding an exercise that makes you feel good is such an easy but effective way of increasing motivation for your workouts. Try to avoid following trends and the kinds of workouts or exercises other people are doing. Focus on what makes your body feel good, and exercise you know you’ll be far more likely to stick with. 


11. Switch Up Your Training

Don’t be afraid to try something new! Sticking to a particular exercise is okay, but diversifying workouts is an awesome way to keep sessions fresh and interesting. Even if you’re a treadmill loather, incorporating cardiovascular exercises into sessions is wise for improving heart health, endurance, and stamina. If running isn’t something you enjoy, try a HIIT class to get your heart pumping.


12. Find Your Inner Fire

We all have a reason for picking up a barbell or getting sweaty at a 6 am spin class, so find your reason and never let it go! On the days when working out is the last thing you want to do, remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place. Finding inner fire is one of the ultimate ways to reignite your workout motivation. 

Stay Motivated

Keeping motivated to workout isn’t always an easy task, but with our workout motivation tips in your back pocket, you can head into your next session with a fresh drive to hit your goals. 

To kickstart your motivation, give this 5-minute full-body circuit a blast. Simply set a timer for 5 minutes and continue to complete the exercises until it stops!

Increase the intensity by adding more reps or elevating the difficulty of the exercise e.g. sub bodyweight squats for squat jumps or hold a plank for 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds. 



Bodyweight squat


Plank Walkouts


Reverse Lunge


Push Ups (Sub Wall Push Ups)


Full Plank